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Dear current and prospective Honorary Pubes,  the time for putting together the 2018 issue of our literary, visual and epistolary art annual is now.

This time, we ask that you please donate/advance order copies of it, so that your editor-in-chief may buy the time necessary to put it together.

Please donate/order your advanced copy of our near-hundred page literary, art and epistolary annual review

In considering this, please enjoy a free copy of our first issue 2017’s Privacy Invades Back.

The suggested donation for the magazine is twelve bones, but please contribute what you can. The following is a list of what your contributions go towards:

  • estimated cost for printing 12  hard copies, about $330. (Which is what we did last year)
  • 15-40 hours of labor, reading, coediting, and laying out the issue (so I imagine a below minimum wage of somewhere between $250.-$450.)
  • $20.-$100. for integrating a payment system onto the blog.

If you have a PayPal Account, send your payment to

As always, snail mail is encouraged.  Send us a check at

Enduring Puberty Press

C/O Creed Shepard

246 N.8th St.

Lawrence, KS 66044

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