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Enduring Puberty Press is open to two kinds of formats:

  1. in a PDF send your literary work to  There’s no monetary cost to you.  It can be in any form, genre or style, but around one theme: the barriers between private and public.  Whether those divisions be actually existing, by the consent “society” or less large community, recognized or more subtly/projected within one’s mind, is up to you.

Length Restrictions?  Hmm, really hate it when people try to shut you up when they can no longer follow what’s being said.   But that’s an irrational position to take in a temporally finite world.  So there’s this: before sending anything longer than 7 pages, please send a prospectus telling us what you or your work is trying to be.  Please make sure to  proofread your works before sending them,

As hinted at, there is currently no aesthetic that EPP is trying to be.  The selections will be made upon by the intersubjective judgement of an improvised collection of EPP guest editors.

2. Mail Parcel.  We specialize in correspondence/[snail]mail art].  If you have an idea for an interesting piece to send in the mail, which can include any variety of visual or written ephemera –epistles are encouraged!– send it to the following address:

Enduring Puberty Press                                                                                                                                   1108 Oregon Street                                                                                                                                            Lawrence, KS 66044

The compensation for your published writing is that you will be made an Honorary Pube!  That means you will receive a continued correspondence from EPP, with the real possibility that you may be invited to help edit or manage future electronic and paper publications.

Why Submit to EPP

I suppose the incentive to submit to EPP out of any other of the literally hundreds of thousands of online publications that exist, is that your work would be shown to a readership that is a highly unique cross-section of people that doesn’t exist in the readership for publications, most which, regardless of the brilliant work some put out, are keeping to themselves in the quasi institution of the literary world (The poetry community is especially in a series of silos).  Also copies of EPP published writers and artists will be shared via snail mail in very far and wide places!

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