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Obey, er, Submit


EPP takes submissions through out the entire year—because “reading periods” are for pretentious assholes, or, er, professionals — for: visual art (including handmade 3D assemblages), editorials, fiction, poetry, book reviews, nonfiction  investigative reports, found objects, letters and other forms of mail art. But now we’re calling for the semiannual magazine, the forthcoming issue is based around the theme “healing/make believe.


You may send a cover letter with bio, but please do not include your name and bio on the same attachment of your submitted content. Please send to attached word document of 2-6; poems, fiction and non fiction prose may be as long as 40 pages. Letters may be no more than 9 pages, but if you have deeply held belief that it’s exceptionally great we may make an exception. Make sure you proofread your submissions, as the very small editorial staff doesn’t want to focus on typos. For visual art, JPGS are best. But if you have a good reason to use another format, give it a try, as haggling with this is how we dilletantes of the online publishing trade learn.

Enduring Puberty Press                                                                                                                                   246 N. 8th St.                                                                                                                                           Lawrence, KS 66044

The compensation for your submission to the annual mag or of a all-year-round mail parcel Compensation for accepted mail parcels is that you will be made an Honorary Pube!  That means you will receive a continued free correspondence, including a free copy of the 2018 EPP literary, art and epistolary review, discounts on other individual publications from our authors.

Why Submit to EPP

I suppose the incentive to submit to EPP out of any other of the literally hundreds of thousands of online publications that exist, is that your work would be shown to a readership that is a highly unique cross-section of people that doesn’t exist in the readership for publications, most which, regardless of the brilliant work some put out, are keeping to themselves in the quasi institution of the literary world (The poetry community is especially in a series of silos).  Also copies of EPP published writers and artists will be shared via snail mail in very far and wide places!

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