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Issue #1 Privacy Invades Back

November 15, 2017

From the Editor

“Privacy Invades back” is a curation of some really good writing, visual art, and other features, all of which this editor feels capture certain plays of forces that are unavoidable in navigating life in public as an ostensibly private being. It does not include many examinations of –or attempts to undermine– the surveillance and police state that we are now living in, nor is there much covering the newish reality of living so much of our lives within social media. Those two epitomes of reality are not easy to take for granted; my hope, speaking as a Gen Xer, or Xiennial as has been more discriminately dubbed (those born between 77-84 or some slight variation thereof), is that those born in a time after this reality, millennials, don’t take that reality for granted either, and interrogate it. Obviously –obvious, if you have a sense of history and you’re paying attention to trustworthy news sources– they’re doing a way better job than folks my age.

More than a literary form, the epistle as a feature in this mag is a document of others’ interpersonal correspondences in a slowed down manner. Regardless of the two parties’ correspondence, the power dynamic or the nature of their relationship, it presupposes some sense of intimacy and level of attention or a boundary thereof in combination with an attention that doesn’t seem possibly common online. It’s not that EPP is by/of/for luddites, but the experience of human beings connecting with one another may be enhanced by this media atavism in juxtaposition with the internet.

Enduring Puberty Press Issue #1 Privacy Invades Back


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