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Dancig With No Stars

May 21, 2016

[As always, please ignore any stupid advertisements you may see on this sight.  The only ads I condone are within the text of the post]:

Four and a half years ago I attempted to get serious about music, reviving my rudimentary skills and, characteristically, conceiving a musical miscegenation we have yet to hear.  But with my friend, chief artist and illustrator for Enduring Puberty Press, Seth Ramsey, I tried to reinterpret the dark bluesy hard rock evil-awareness anthem, Danzig’s “Possession” with a bit of sexy dance pomp.   Despite the fact that the percussion is underrepresented in this mix, Seth did an amazing job of capturing a sexy four minute moment of mass, rash tonal decisions of this here vocalist.  So many directions on this one.  I am proud to present you something that should get you LOLing.  One disclaimer : if you haven’t heard Danzig’s original, listen to it first.  All props to Glen Danzig for making it sexy in the first place.  And click here for the special magic of Dancig!

Don’t fuck with my falsetto which is still reaching for the stars.  Fellow Lawrencians or visitors to Lawrence may request my most faithful version of the Soul Glo jingle from the 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy Coming to America



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