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Preview of New Chapbook

February 20, 2016

Urg! Why do so many  (“small”?  “independent”?) online literary presses not have the courtesy (or the business savvy?) to make samples available of the books they have for sale.  I call “rapport privilege”.

That is, either the published authors must have enough interested friends who are immersed in literary culture or familiar with them, or the publishers have enough rich friends that they don’t have to care about strangers with a limited budget for buying books.   Fuck that!

Click below for the title poem of the new chapbook to be released this spring.   Please read.  Read slowly, and reread.  Feel free to plunder what you view as salvagable lines.  Consider preordering your very own copy, bound in home-made mail art designed by the proprietors of Enduring Puberty Press.  Consider writing a review and submitting it to a non elitist, but quality press of your choice.  Thank you for reading.

Sample for 3rd chapbook


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