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February 20, 2016
Do you have a short attention span, some other learning disability or no linear reading patience?  It’s okay, I’m a luddite.  I have a much lower chance for survival than you.  In the event that you missed the relatively tiny link to the preview of my next chapbook (to be released in the spring), Rapport Privilege, behold below.



To try to share the dilettante’s experience
Some have even credited it with
replacing museums—logically
These homely drawings, poems and songs
Embracing everyone within the privacy of

Homely is a euphemism for retarded
Itself an epithet for intellectually disabled
But we mean homely in the way that
many intellectualy disabled people
look absolutely beautiful and some
intellectually enabled people look beautiful only
in the way that intellectually disabled people do
Abandoning the footnotes “Usually”  and “only”

What a path to take, is it a shameless conceit or
some kind of undiagnosed mental illness
What a path to devise:
thinking outside the box requires a
literal cardboard box to advertise the support of unalienated labor
Playing with the idea that Adam was a mere first denoter, three dollars
playing with it a capella, five dollars

So resentment takes its steps toward oblivion
And wounds from the dictatorship of capital gently exits, is not a cliche
for a more exciting rugged individualism that permeates through the streets, is a cliche
The word cliche not much of one, merely
a necessary first step
to begin conversation now stick your
salacious head back in your hearth tent,
Conversation. Not
subjectifying you today, Conversation
no no no! no no no noeoah!

An indirect benediction in this, a result of the lack of conversation

Then there’s this nonconsensual sex the boys
and girls have at the school
Nonconsensual sex is a euphemism for rape
We, who only witnessed the testimonies, our straight men’s mouths, no longer open wide,
mildly filtering the salutary growls
Prototypically errecting an inept transformation from her victimhood
to some fetishized demystifyification of the
rapist in all his hygenically challenged chatroom isolation
He without meaningful rapport, with nothing. Nothing
without the habitual propulsion to assert a fixed subjectivity
that dreams a collective maker of his victimhood
that meets a salutary growl and probably weaponry

You’ll see how “we are” the kneecap of the joke
Our mouth wants to open wide and mildly filter the salutary growl

As for we who have rapport privilege…

They say Rapport Privilege
rules a nation, or a
mass of…or the one or two dozen lines
that’ll manage to survive its decay,
you can tell
One’s accentuating of tits, ass, hips and the color pink cannot remain a concept alone. At best a means
to liberate for real

Even Whitman’s Scud is improved
by that scuff mark
which never showing
what fremdschämen the
“friendship substitution cannonization” might include,
“Why are the blurbs all written by the author’s friends?”
“Why have I never been published outside Kansas?”

Surely more than just overreaching
send-ups to the overrated “Howl”
That standing list of quasi innumerable incidents friends, involving bodily
positions/situations in important public places prepositionally referencing something phony/mystical in the faces of oppression

Just what is this thing
called the hipster millineial set
it is not like we count their numbers
in a non inept political war room
once it’s left “your head it’s already compromised”
But let’s keep going…on a fluke, one
of many that season, he
can’t say he suffers from
rapport privilege
but then not suffer from white,
male privilege either
“This Rapport Privilege is a lie. I have never cashed in on my Rapport privilege”

“If you study the history of Rapport Privilege our ship captains were getting murdered.  The French had to tip us off.  I mean these were the days of Thomas Jefferson…you can’t solve it with dialogue.  You can’t solve it with a summit.  You solve it with a bullet to the head.  It’s the only thing these people understand.  And all we’ve heard from this President is a case to heap praise on Rapport Privilege, as if to appease them”.

“It’s clear that Rapport Privilege is a threat to the world.  Yet, President Obama will not say that”

Oooohhh oooohhhh, not subjectifying you to today, conversation.


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  1. You might be interested to learn that “homely” means “homey” (homelike, not member of the hood) in (Asian) Indian English.

    • Yeah, I was aware that –I believe “homelike” is generally a common definition in British English. I wondered if I should have made that connection stronger. May or may not add something in the colophon.

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