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Selected Letters of Raymond Hall

February 18, 2016

I was wrong, or, just a little off about what I wrote about Raymond Hall, the ballad is his chosen form, which you will see fully in a future post.  Also, I wasn’t aware of how approximate to insane the operator of Feral Geezer Press (FG) is.  And he’s fully self possessed about it as is possible.

I apologize about not having copies of my letters to him, but you will infer enough of what was written by his responses.  Not able to keep up with Raymond, I have a big task ahead to give justice to what he’s offered (including two more chapbooks of poems and a closet play in two acts).  Not sure that I’ve even given the luddite much information about this here correspondence art and literary press.

This is pretty light reading, stay with us.  It’s fun.  Soon EPP will make arrangements with FG to publish some of his writings, including the very offensive “closet play”.


From Raymond Hall                                                        May 19,2015

Dear Creed,

If you stop by for a visit, please be prepared to explain why you like my standard use of punctuation.  You may post my letter on my blog whatever that is.

If it is interesting, your letter post -marked the 18th got here today, the 19th.

I will be happy to tell you the story about how my son, my ex-wife, and I got here, June, 2011.

I do have some favorite political issues–I’m not a complete lumpen.

Bring greens from your garden!

My [son?] graduates from Lawrence High this evening.

Best wishes,

Mr. Hall

June 20,2015

Dear Creed,

I got the wicked, trashy, decomposed junk mail today.

Here’s a wicked blank verse couplet for you in return.  I dare you to blog it anywhere!

REv. 19:, 17-18

America!  Expect to be a spread!

Feast catered to ravenous beasts clouds keep!


Raymond Hall

P.S. Baffled?  Read John the Divine’s Revelation, chapter 19, verse 17 & 18.  If you need more info, read the entire Revelations.  It will do you good.  Or totally fuck you up.

If you have questions about Revelations, and I’m sure you will, I can answer a few, but the Revelations scholars who know bible prophecy entirely, is the 7th Day Adventists.  They meet on Saturdays instead of Sunday, at 1000 Connecticut Street.  Phone # [phone number for the 7th Day Adventists]

[At this point I can’t keep up with Raymond.  While still steady (albeit a part time steady] production is underway, the bulk of it goes to friends I hadn’t written to and to future chief illustrator of the BUHHL Comic Trading Cards, Seth Ramsey.  But what follows are several open hearted messages, mostly on redneck lore-ish post cards, in which Raymond makes his libertarian sensibilities fully known, opens up about his writing and includes 2 more new poetry chapbooks and a 2 act play.  Do read and enjoy]

September 23, 2015

Dear Creed,

Here’s a weird little [undecipherable due to post marking, but I think it’s scenario prediction]

Hillary’s President

she fulfills Revelation 13, 11

And so on

Viewing current events, like Pope Francis the Sissy [illegible] likes, blessed by the press, mirrored by Hillary’s drive, what do you think about that, mister?

See you at the E. Lawrence Block Party, Hobbs Park, 5PM, Sat, the 26th.


December 18,2015

Dear Creed,

Lane Eisenhart, coordinator of the East Lawrence News has published my stuff in the last issues of the East Lawrence News/ PO Box 442393/Lawrence, KS 66044.  She wants pieces from others too.


R. Hall


December 21, 2015

“And I saw [illegible 1.]     out of the mouth of the FALSE PROPHET!

Revelation 16:13

No doubt egregious,


P.S. So do I qualify?  Or you?  Or who?


Christmas, 2015

Yer not a poet Creed. Yer a


I think I figured it out, Creed:

Your wont’s not scribe’s, it’s deed.

Truth, beauty, and wisdom will do

To pleasure behavior.

These bright morning sttars now beckon,

and you need Right Reason.

Don’t pass through my verse anymore,

out black Tartarus’ door.

Now writing won’t help much, either

To ascend the [actual?]

Have a happy ho, ho!

[a day later an inlaid card, made by The Konza Press, arrived, with the cover photo captioned above by Raymond: Truth, Beauty, and Wisdom: The Kansas Flint Hills [sqh’z?] Persons]

Christmas, 2015

A consequence of “you’re a philosopher, Creed, not a


It just now occurred to me, Creed

Needed for you to heed

My redisgnating you a

Latent philosopher

Is my definition of such.

Now, of this I have much

To list as qualifications

For fine inclinations

To grasp beauty, truth, and wisdom:

Strong handles to choose from.

Get a job, married, a few kids.

Smoke some cannabis lids.

Get druk, get in fights, go to jail,

Shit and Puke in its pail.

Get good at some manual arts

Strut stages manly pants.

If you turn contrarian

Vote Libertarian;

Even still, vegetarian,

Vote Libertarian.

If none of this works in your quest,

There’s still the shady rest!

Have a happy ho ho,

R. Hall

Jan 6, 2016

Creed, the Dastardly deed

Dare you to read this

one, sniveler!


R. Hall


SASCP for your eagerly anticipated peruse.

P.S. Dare you to show this to lades you meet!

[Raymond is referring to his “closet play”, in two acts that takes place in the oval office of the white house occupied by an unidentified female presiding over a kind of an apocalypse].  Copies are available for $3.00 through Feral Geezer Press, a closet press, but a real one none the less.  I can provide the address.


January 16, 2016

Dear Creed,

Regarding your question about the female president maligning leftist with all men, it’s referring to the militant Marxist Feminism trumpeted on manifestos posted many places, lila book stores, cafe’s and lamp posts all over Portland, Maine, when I was there in the early 1990’s

This marx[illegible] and asserted that feminism was basically lesbian, and openly misandrous.  (“Misandry” is not found in some dictionaries.  You will se it defined in the New Oxford English Dictionary, though) This radical movement was a draw to many such women from New York City, and various other cities back east.  A few of them went out of their way to make my acquaintence because of my reputation as a poet of some notice in Portland when I was there, often published in the Technology of the Sun and the Cafe Review.  Oddly, most of them identified with my masculine assertiveness expressed in those magazines.  Anyway, those feminists were just using the Marxist class struggles to further their agenda, as I delineated in the A, T, the O.

But all that is really beside the point, The point being, that it’s well past time to start “rationing” our unrenewables, needed for manufacturing such female-cherished stuff like washing machines and dishwashers, instead of demanding that they remain in the ground entirely.  That policy is silly, if not outright “Trumpian.”  (A new word that I just now coined).

I make this practical point by forefronting it in the context of the play’s all-out absurdities.  I hoped that by using this contrast to help make “rationing” appear more sensible.



P.S. Enclosed: another piece meeting your criteria of Truth, Beauty and Wisdom.

P.P.S. If you feel like writing in this ballad form, may I suggest that you finda ballad that you want to memorize.  Do that, write it and perform it from memory.  This way the form will set in your core, or bones, if you will.  This goes for writing in any form, like shakesspearian sonnet, bland verse, heroic couplets and so on.  Then the writing of verse in your chosen form will occur less forward, and conscious, that is, and flow and sound more natural.  I learned this from Prof. Bob Lawson at Washburn U.


Jan. 28, 2016

Dear Creed, you claim I’m an insane old man, huh? Well you aint heard nothing yet!  Get a load of this:recently I watched an all day program on TV about Sasquatch people.  I had an epiphany then.  Up until then I was obsessed with the appalling, dire, future of human people.  However, it occurred to me then that Sasquatch was a vastly superior person compared to us.  They will suitably, and properly replace us.  And the sooner the better!

I’ve been a misanthrope for the last 30 years, and feeling a little guilty for it.  I now happily know I’ve been right all along.

No doubt,

R. Hall

P.S. suggested reading: Entropy, by Jeremy Rifkin





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