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December 14, 2015

Your producer-in-chief has sent out over a couple dozen gift packages and epistles over the last 5 months, usually employing collages of crudely juxtaposed images, often with zero effort to give any narrative coherence, but sometimes very methodical in choice of images.   Now I have aroused my partner Jamie to develop a process.




Inspired by all of the detritus we brought home from our trip down Southeastern Kansas, we went to town on a small stack of vintage magazines taking out the images and texts we liked and deciding to use our 35 1/2″ by 23 1/2″ bulletin board as a place to put our works in progress, after we found a couple things that go good together, the old time olympic contestant in his arduous stone throw floating in the middle of an armament factory for example, and then come back to it upon the day of specific package production.However, Jamie insists that we should Keep our first batch exactly like it is hanging in the living room/production room/dining room of our little home.   The only thing that will change her mind is a frenzy of more collage making.

Damaged Children

We will make these things (as gifts to you or your loved ones) by request for free (ahem, with suggested donations).  Just email or snail mail me at:

Enduring Puberty Press
1108 Oregon St.
Lawrence, KS 66044

Caring Nun

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