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EPP Updates

July 12, 2015

Salcedo's Bed Cabinet “Adults and children sometimes have boards in their bedrooms or living-rooms on which they pin pieces of paper: letters, snapshots, reproductions of paintings, newspaper cuttings, original drawings, postcards.  On each board all the images belong to the same language and all are more or less equal within it, because they have been chosen in a highly personal way to match and express the experience of the room’s inhabitant.  Logically, these boards should replace museums.”John Berger

Berger uses that to address how the “preserve” of the visual arts no longer stands  due to the modern means of production, and makes a bigger point that the language of images should be used to give meaning to our own lives…basically take it back from the economic elitist aristocracy (and while were at it patriarchy, white privilege, etc.) and claim our lives for ourselves according to our values.  While this charge has been taken up by millions of artists in recent years, I’d like to take his concrete idea of these highly personal ways of expressing the individual’s experience seriously and  as an opening for a new kind of cultural activity.

It’s not that I hate museums and galleries (bars and cafes, etc.), I just feel better in the confines of someone’s home, sharing stories, whether in the language of words or images. EPP has been sending out highly personal letters and gift packages to friends and acquaintances for the last 3 months and trying to lay the groundwork for a future of “curations by residency”, in which folks invite other folks (I find my self using that word “folks” a lot, I think I’m entitled or something just because I now grow vegetables), over to their homes to share something that is uniquely their own.  For my own show, first show I would play a set of some 7-15 of the dozens of songs I have written, mostly all  variations on a theme inspired by a few lines from the Beach Boys’ song “Hang On To Your Ego”[/]”I Know There’s an Answer”.  It is a theme I’m obsessed with, that runs through much of the poems of Third Wheel   I have also considered employing spoken word, an elaborate game to subject guests to, complete with decorations and a crude soundtrack from some of my most adventurous musical experiments.

What else is new:

Bathroom Newsletter.  Still not sure about the feasibility of making my own paper, but will be picking the brains of some folks around town who have some kind of print operation.  The two professors I solicited via online were completely unresponsive (assholes!), which –again– reinforces my belief in the work of this press, and the value of snail mail.

Other Contributors:

Jamie Hofling, my partner for life and hopefully my partner in this business is getting deep into plant life and herbs.  At some point we will come up with a business to incorporate the work she’s doing.  Jamie is also going to produce a trading card series of Botanicals from Outer Space to complement my Handi-Heroes.  I have also been trying to convince her to join my band Crayon Beard.  We have just added melodica arrangements to one of my songs.

Reedrew Holcogast, who expressed eagerness to help get this press off the ground has kind of flaked.  I think he still wants to be my friend and/or collaborate, so I will try my best not to alienate him.  He’s a super sweetheart and talented motherfucker besides.

I am still doing regular correspondences with Raymond Hall and they are great.  The ball is currently in my court to read selected sections of the Book of Revelations and get back to him.  We still have yet to hang out or talk about poetry.

The soon-to-be choice artist behind the 2016 series of BUHHL trading cards, Seth Ramsey will soon be sending me prototypes.  He is currently doing a tattooing apprenticeship and his art can be found at

New Chapbook I’ve written dozens of poems going in what seems a more “accessible” direction.  At the same time, I’ve been experimenting with using poetry as a domain of experience in which to talk about other things in the world that aren’t so specialized–how is it possible to be populist using “poetry metaphors”?  We’ll find out.  I have also been more comfortable with polemics.  I will be editing and constructing works in the winter and probably have it out by the middle of next year.  It kind of sucks to have gotten such zero response from other poets, particularly those I’ve always supported.  But I prefer to assume that my stuff is not liked, so that I can better endure the psychosis that comes with doing something that only I believe in.  It is also noteworthy that Jamie has yet to read either of my chapbooks.  But, equally noteworthy is that I have told her that my poems are made things and aren’t an expression of my [choose your favorite metaphysical object.]

Wah, wah-wah-wah- wah.  Wah-wah.  Wah.


A book length epic poem using Football Hall of Famer Vince Lombardi’s innovative offensive strategy as a master trope.

Dystopian novel about consciousness

First collection of short stories

Musical project synthesizing deep funk, soul and hip hop with blistering guitar noise

Oral history of an arbitrarily demarcated social and geographical space

Book length poem that deals with my medical condition and race in the same breath

Oral History of Baseball’s Unlikely Handi- Heroes League (BUHHL)

Design and make a Snuggie made almost completely from mosquito netting so Jamie won’t get bitten any more

A complete list of prerecorded automated but personalized responses and greetings to friends and endearing acquaintances to be on an app for your cell phone, for those situations when you do not have the time or energy to truly touch base or talk long with them.

EPP gets paid for the comic trading cards, making gift packages, selling bone broth, herbal tinctures, fermented foods and literary and visual ephemera.

EPP gets to survive many horrible disasters that the worst of capitalism and capitalist driven climate change brings to the geographical area of its operations and gets to say nice agreeable things about the democratic socialist who will become president.

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