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In the Future the Professional Sports will be de-monopolized and the Invisible People on this Planet Will Be Heroes

May 31, 2015

Despite the Excitement of the baseball season in full swing –and this statement is being written in the Kansas City Area after all– there is something missing.  That is the premise, well one of them, upon which the Baseball’s Unlikely Handi- Heroes League (BUHHL)* was founded in 2018,  and why these cards are in development.  Here’s another prototype of Korbeysai (Korbey) Jordan, Short Stop for the Salt Lake Seekers: “Curbside Korbey”, as the Seekers fans affectionately call him for his speedy saves and tendency to throw base runners to the curb, that have made the Seekers one of the least error-prone defenses in the league.  Korbey was born with a stunted spinal column that left him with a bent posture but found a way to emerge as one of the most flexible  players and feared infielders as he developed a special style which required him to use his legs to spring up off the ground and place in himself near-horizontally more often than any other infielder has to.  At times it seems Korbey could go in two directions at once while the occasional breathing tube he has to wear shake its attached bells warning base runners of Jordan’s intent to tag upon landing.  Korbey’s ability to jump catch, then jump and throw so quickly has inspired the cross-eyed slugger for the Medford-Ashland Lithia, Phil O’kelly to remark in a piece he wrote for Grantland, that “Korbey’s the only one I’ve ever watched that fooled me into thinking my cyberoptic orthosis were failing me on the run”.  Oh yeah, and Korbey is the chief tester for Rayikon’s Back Orthotics. SLS #59 the semi professional league that captured the zeitgeist of twenty twenties and thirties USA in all of its stubborn glory.  As the country carries on amid environmental catastrophes after economic crisis and political upheaval it rediscovers its former  national pastime (smashing the long held monopoly of the Major League Baseball Association from an unlikely body of men and women with challenged bodies and/or minds who would form a professional ball league that managed to break the monopoly of the faltering Major League Baseball Association.  Now don’t you be expecting inspiration porn. This is support of the invisible citizens of the world, in its most brutal and unsentimental”, be prepared to think about the human body in ways that you never thought you had to.  And then learn about America’s game, reinvented.

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