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It’s Baseball Season!

April 26, 2015

There  is no room for the cutting room floor space for the images created by Enduring Puberty Press.  Which is to say that all failed works, no matter how embarrassing, terrible or offensive they are, will find some home –even if it is in a carbon-rotted preservative tray of an archeologist, from some future simian species, who finds it under the rubble.  Even if it is dull, there will be the traces of the amateur’s additions and erasures.   Therefore, one and a half years prior to its quasi commercial roll-out, we are previewing the prototypes for Bottoms’ [comic] Trading Cards presentation of Baseball’s Unlikely Handi- Heroes League*.

Selected friends and peers will receive a panel of 1 to 8 illustrations.  Each card comes with profile information about your favorite re-enabled baseball player.  This is Salt Lake Seeker, Ralleigh Meer about to show off his orthotic left armed swing.SLS #8   the semi professional league that captured the zeitgeist of twenty twenties and thirties USA in all of its stubborn glory.  As the country carries on amid environmental catastrophes after economic crisis and political upheaval it rediscovers its former  national pastime from an unlikely body of men and women with challenged bodies and/or minds who would form a professional ball league that managed to break the monopoly of the faltering Major League Baseball Association.  Now don’t you be expecting inspiration porn. This is support of the invisible citizens of the world, in its most brutal and unsentimental”, be prepared to think about the human body in ways that you never thought you had to.  And then learn about America’s game, reinvented.


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