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APPLICATION RESULTS of Reedrew Holcogast

April 1, 2015

Enduring Puberty Press has finally received a couple completed applications, one of them even done correctly, namely having finished the found poem in section 5.  Below is a sweet gob from an enthusiastic friend and supremely talented local musician and song writer Reedrew Holcogast.  A bright spot indicating that Enduring Puberty Press may some day not be a mere figment of my imagination (although as a publishing house a figment of my imagination, if you’ve been paying attention, would serve me just fine).  A very big thanks to Reedrew.  Be on the look out for more offerings from him and other collaborators in the coming months and/or years.  This is his poem.


by Nanao Sakaki, I would
I would like to read the sky.

integration of
poetry and words and ideas
with the first

we must
our intuition.

A person,
makes people,
without vision,
a stinking stinkbug


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