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March 20, 2015

Like the belief that every book that influences you has to be read at the right time, I am tempted to not try to cover up the impression Enduring Puberty Press (the blog) may give that every blog entry of prose is a fresh almost spontaneous taking up of the theme at the approximate time of entry. As if these were simply strum and drang log entries from an individual’s mind. We are going through puberty after all.
The truth is that almost every idea recorded in here that is not directly related to the promotion of the printed and physically made product of Enduring Puberty Press (the actual press) has been labored over, with palpable origins and aesthetic and political implications, for a long time, much of them as a result of ongoing dialogues with multiple people.

While this blog will eventually be dedicated to the promotion of the homemade anti professional (and occasionally mock professional) works of visual and literary art that attempt truer versions of what a lot of online independent presses refer to as “curated” or “ephemera”, they will be offered with the thrust of intimacy to be accessed in epistolary art. In which the consumers of all of this art will be treated like the equals, friends or loved ones that they worthy of being treated. Does that sound ass-kissing? Well, you wait, because I hate stroking egos, at least when I’m not in a genuine position to feel impressed by someone…what I mean is that Enduring Puberty Press’s work will consist of personalized gift packages that go out of their way to make actual contact with the individuals its art is made for. It will also solicit creations out of its customers. Until those collaborations are formed there will be at times a seemingly ad hoc vomiting upon a variety of topics, some perhaps unrelated—and an occasional attempt at focusing on poetry and poetics. Probably a few book reviews.

Not being very savvy or well read on the blogosphere —there are about 200 sites I visit semi regularly, a third of them of poetry and poetics blogs, but have yet to make me feel like something is at stake no matter how interesting the content — I can’t tell how unique this project is. Reluctantly I must admit that my own life (and my partner’s) is probably the most enduringly original aspect. But the originality of this project also rests on attraction to some of the latest cultural phenomena, namely the sharable or sharing economy. The suggested promise of the sharing economy is that it may empower individuals to, if not overthrow capitalism as we now know it, break their independence on large corporations, and perhaps allow more members of the working poor and middle classes to flourish as not-too-greedy but successful and sustained entrepreneurs in their communities, to increase the human activities that can truly be described as unalienated labor. Enduring Puberty Press, a humble little anti-professional publisher operating out of a messy living room of a deceptively humble, rented stone vernacular house of a young in-love couple that have absolutely zero ties to any kind of publishing or literary or art community, supports this idea. And we want it to go further. We want to do it by going farther. Farther outside of the hearth of downtowns, away from institutions so that we can build communities out of the most inconspicuous geographical livable spots in the city (any city or town), residential neighborhoods (a just a few houses) for the most part.
Enduring Puberty Press is dedicated to the demolishment of giving any more than incidental attention to big fancy and hip venues of one’s local areas that attract large crowds, we want to support radical geographers who insist that multiple smaller but vibrant hearths of community can come without the noise of hype and without the established institutions or industries. Museums, galleries, clubs, bars, publishing houses, record labels, “schools”, and schools with their MFA programs, all of those things can make one’s environment better. But are they necessary? Don’t get me wrong, I support good local businesses, but let’s do an experiment. What if we could establish our own infinitely running well of creativity whose manifestations were free of the trappings of self-important brands, cannons and the like? What if we simply create perfomative spaces out of our homes? I would never have raised these questions were it not for realizing that I’d rather go bands I only moderately enjoy perform in the tiny laundry room of my basement than see my favorites perform in a club that packs a hundred or more folks. Enduring Puberty Press supports not just the demolishing of celebrity culture, but the resistance to ironic (or otherwise) resurfacing of celebrities on a local level; not just the bigness of the culture industry, but the bigness of the local manifestations of it. But ours is a negotiable ideology based on the inherent dialogism of letters that Enduring Puberty Press will solicit.

Epistolary art and gift packaging (postal art?) as a high form of interpersonal communication, preferably between one person and another without the intermediary of the online social networks or large distracting commercial entities, how can this work? Well, there are decades of impressive examples of both, of which many more kinds, that will be written about in future posts.  And how can Enduring Puberty Press’s workhorses earn any income from this? How will they not be functioning in the red? I will tell you straight up as somebody fighting for his own sanity to liberate myself from having a full time job, that I do not know.  But I will bust my ass for you, I will sweat, spike, serve, flinch and bleed to make great conversations by the written word and the plethora of objects for you-all, my desired Pen pals.   And maybe even then, but only after enough solicited feedback is given, only ask for suggested donations.

Finally, let the flow of our exchanges be a platform for disseminating all our lots of beautiful ingenious lofty ideas, that each of us does not have the time or capacity to manifest, womanofest, non-cisofest alone.

Your aspiring reciprocating patron and producer in chief of Enduring Puberty Press,

Creed J Shepard

Post Script 1: coming soon: a lengthy lists of conversational topics to explore.

Post Script 2: if you haven’t already, please consider buying a copy of my new chapbook of poems, Reinventing The Third Wheel. A “Text Trailer” for the book is here, right here and now. drop me a line, name your price and I will deliver it to your home.


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