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March 8, 2015


Enduring Puberty Press recognizes that its productive output is slowed if the audience is always imaginary, and therefore reluctantly seeks to promote itself to actual human beings and the ostensible communities of literature and visual art.   We see the best way to do this is to become an eager audience ourselves.  However Enduring Puberty Press is itself a prided over product of imagination, one that enjoys its own obliviousness to the institutions of those ostensible communities. We prefer a music performance in someone’s bedroom versus any concert hall, theater, club or (especially) bar (unless it was  mediocre music), we prefer the human touch of a handmade zine over any glossy or ISBN-marked publication with funding behind it (unless it was full of artlessly shitty content) . We would much rather have an intimate visit to new works placed in someone’s living room than any appraised gallery or museum (I mean homemade with zero expectation of selling it, but was really beautiful and unique).   Above all, we prefer the evocative warmth of postal mail and personalized content over all other forms of communication. If this is Enduring Puberty Press’s way of saying the so-called Shareable economy is here to stay and we want to be apart of it, then so be it. The important thing is to help individuals’ own creative energy –even if it’s only in the act of interpreting or sharing other works– and to bring out the unique works themselves as unprofessionally and uniquely as possibly. Enduring Puberty Press is dedicated to the leveling of the hegemony of mediocrity and the cliquishness inherent in all publishing.  If you are interested in corresponding with Enduring Puberty Press, what is something like “submit for publication”, please send your work to the following address:

Enduring Puberty Press

246 N. 8th Street

Lawrence, Kansas 66044

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