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Text Trailer for Reinventing the Third Wheel

January 28, 2015
Publication number 2 of Enduring Puberty Press

Publication number 2 of Enduring Puberty Press

TEXT TRAILER COUPLET FOR Reinventing The Third Wheel:

How to avoid the trope of the nose?
The incidental effect of such torque

“Straight search results for ‘transgression’”
Sorry! Your search did not result in any matches on Spankwire

sensation abuts visual sensibility
Only an abstract lyric is an abstract lyric

Where I come from, they chant “rock chalk”
After all this time those were not pet names

“like a sponge”
it must be completely dry

Even an illiterate notices: Peppermint Patty and the Little Red Haired girl never sharing a scene together—duh!

The Barbies are not what they seem to be
The showcased  lenses matched vascular bouquets

and so made my self objectification,
easy.  What is called thick skin.

Gotta bend before you break la, la, la
From ape to man in reclining chair

To be active means to be able to be changed; an active field is one that can be entered into with words, letters but also numbers and even other characters, and

what’s wrong with the system
is “above our pay grade”.

but already mining it
The solid air [!]

Mouth beams, not the other
We love to see your mouth beam

Yum.  Stock up on Kleenex pervert.
There are no economic metaphors to further shock value.

I want so much your happiness, but am not responsible for
it, the greeting card of your “Living Funeral”.

When she doodles, there’s no ignoring curves
that seem to stem from

“I don’t search, I just type the word
and push a button and I’m there”.

The Epiglottis Insurance sub-committee
reviews evidence of the said libtard’s output.

The future is now, but I continue to fall behind.
The golden arches look like golden buttocks.

Resenting the numerous cloaked as one
although seeing it as needed

Wings, whims, and the lack of efficacy on the pool table
Anchored with the need to say what this is all about

all the way to slippage and Angry Unicorn, why?
have they not explored that one while naming slipped-on-floor-sprite

The birches and the hay all of him
With the kind of rhythm substituting for “meaning.”

we were mulling over the landscape of the mudroom
which we called the back porch

skittish in the anticipation
of the klaatu barada nikto moment

So we all get sleep at night dreaming about someone special
and not to “evidence of their imagined inner or outer lives”

powered by frenectomyless yelps
And why are there no bicycles in The Walking Dead?


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